Henrique Jones

International Reference

in the treatment of sports injuries


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Well-known medical orthopedist specialized in sports medicine, trained in the distinct Faculty of Medical Sciences of Lisbon. Within his vast curriculum he has played a Crucial role in our national football team from 2000 to 2014. In 2016 he receives, with great emotion the Medal of Honor of the City of Setúbal.

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"Operated to the right knee, and only Dr. Jones to do arthroscopic surgery super difficult, not to leave a huge scar :) THANKS!!"

Silvia Borralho

"Operated to the left ankle by Dr. Henry Jones excellent professional, I just have to say thank you Dr. and his entire team and Montijo Orthopedic Clinic."

Roberto Sousa

"My son, Tomás, was operated by Dr. Henrique, after consulting for 3 years and suffering for the child who was almost always" immobilized "because the kneecap was leaving the place, I went to 2 consultations with Dr. Henrique he passed the medical examinations that had to do for the surgery and was operated, will do 1 year, a good there is to this excellent professional"

Ba Branco

"I was operated by Dr. Henrique on my left knee, i was delaying it for 1 year and if I knew better, I would not endure the pain and I'm having a great recovery .. !!! Thanks for everything, if I ever needed again I will not hesitate ... !!! 10 ********** I will definitely be returning. Tanks to D. Susana for your availability ... !!! I won a friend .. !!!!!"

Vânia Madeira

"Excellent professional of the two times that I needed consultation I was very well and efficiently treated. Very good service."

António David

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Montijo was chosen as a privilege location for my service a few minutes from the capital