Eugen Bircher de Aarau na Suiça plublicou em 1921 os resultados de 20 “artro-endoscopias”, do joelho ,usando um laparo-toracoscópio de Jacobeaus, primeiramente distendendo-se o joelho com oxigénio ou nitrogénio por meio de um aparelho de pneumotórax artificial.
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Despite their relatively low incidence (<1% of all injuries), anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) lesions are the most attention-drawing pathology in football medicine.

While some decades ago it was a career-ending injury for a footballer, progress in athlete healthcare has led to a return to football outcome at the same level as before the injury in 90% of patients. However, there is an increased risk of suffering a new knee injury (especially overuse injury) on return to elite football after an ACL injury.